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Being charged with a criminal offense of any kind can be very stressful and may involve serious consequences, including prison or jail time, the loss of Driver’s License and way of life, if a person is convicted. If you are charged with a crime of any kind, in City, State or Federal Court, finding an experienced criminal defense lawyer will most certainly improve your chances of defending your rights and achieving a successful outcome in your case. Sapien Law LLC has attorneys with a combined experience of over 25 years in criminal defense matters. If you have been accused of a crime, or you think you might get charged with a crime, it is critical to contact a competent criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Sapien Law LLC will conduct its own investigation in any criminal case and can assist our clients in employing the best investigators and experts and using other resources available to our firm to ensure the best possible outcome for our criminal defense clients.

Sapien Law LLC has successfully represented clients charged with Felonies and Misdemeanors of any kind in all local and state courts throughout the state of New Mexico as well as in the United States District Court (Federal District of New Mexico) and on appeal to the Tenth (10th) Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, Colorado. Our firm have been involved in over 100 Felony Jury trials in State and Federal Court and literally thousands of bench trials and other court proceedings over the past 20+ years. These trials and other court proceedings involved crimes against clients ranging from First (1st) Degree Murder to Petty Larceny, including hundreds of Assault, Battery, DWI, Drug, Domestic Violence, Robbery, White Collar Crimes, you name it, Sapien Law has the experience to represent you no matter what type of charges you may be facing. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss your situation and how best to resolve your criminal case.

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