Practice Areas

Personal Injury:

Our firm’s attorneys focus on personal injury and wrongful death cases including auto collisions; semi-truck wrecks; motorcycle and bicycle bodily injury claims;  industrial accidents such as gas and pipeline explosion; slip/trip and fall claims; premises/property cases; insurance claim settlements including uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage; insurance bad faith claims; traumatic brain and spinal cord injury cases; burn victims; and pedestrian cases.

Our firm represents people and we understand that every case is not the same.  We offer free consultations to evaluate your case.  Our injury attorneys will lead you through the process and you will never be charged an attorney fee until your case is settled and you get paid.

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Serious Injury – Auto, tractor trailer, motorcycle, and bicycle collisions:

Catastrophic injuries often require a very detailed understanding of the nature, duration and extent of the injury.  Our legal team will assist our clients direct their own medical care and get the appropriate medical specialist involved to maximize their medical treatment. Serious  injury cases often involve substantial recoveries and we work to identify all potential sources of liability insurance that may be available to protect your legal rights.  Our law firm has experience to help locate all potential sources of recovery.  We will assist you in a catastrophic injury case about how to proceed with your claim.

Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts:

Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the disposal of an Estate during your life.  Estate planning typically attempts to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of a Probate and maximize the value of the estate by dealing with contingencies that you may be able to control prior to death.   Guardians are often designated for minor children and beneficiaries who may have been legally designated as incapacitated.  Estate planning involves the preparation of the Last Will and Testament, trusts, beneficiary designations, statutory Power of Attorney designations,  property ownership, gift, and powers of appointments, specifically the durable financial power of attorney and the durable medical power of attorney.   Contact our law firm to complete a basic questionnaire and schedule a free consultation to discuss your Estate Planning needs.


If you have lost a loved one then you may need to settle the Estate of your loved one through a Probate matter.   Probate occurs after someone has died and the main purpose is to transfer a deceased person’s estate to their heirs.  Exactly how a specific case is handled will in large part be based on whether or not your loved one died with a legally enforceable Last Will and Testament (“Will”).  Individuals who have left a Will have already designated a Personal Representative.  The Personal Representative will be responsible for paying off creditors and distributing property and/or assets to the beneficiaries.  If a personal representative was not designated in the Will then either a Probate Judge or a State District Court Judge will have to approve the designation of a Personal Representative.

The probate process begins after a Personal Representative is selected.  The Personal Representative will be responsible for becoming educated about the probate laws in New Mexico and since the specific statutes, and deadlines are complicated, it would be wise to handle the probate with the professional guidance of an attorney.  Depending on the size of the estate, whether or not a Will was left behind, the number of creditors, beneficiaries and the court, probate can take a number of months and even years.  Probate typically works best when the decedent has left a Will.

When a person has not left a Will, intestate laws will determine who acts as the administrator of the Estate, how creditors will be paid and who is eligible for a portion of the estate. These types of cases can take longer time, especially if there is some wrangling and fighting over assets and the administration of the estate.  Attempting to handle a probate case on one’s own is generally not a good idea.  The Personal Representative who will legally act as the administrator of a Will should find an experienced probate attorney that is familiar with the probate law in New Mexico.   The Estate and its potential beneficiaries are better served and the process will be completed much faster with the aid of experienced and knowledgeable counsel.  Please do not hesitate to contact our law firm to schedule a free consultation to review your Probate matter.

New Mexico Workers Compensation cases:

If you are injured on the job the worker’s compensation law in New Mexico will provide payment for reasonable and necessary medical care and loss of wages because of your inability to return to work due to your injuries.    Your employer will financially responsible in almost every work-related accident covered by the law, under the “no fault” doctrine.  Your employer also accepts responsibility for providing a safe workplace to prevent accidents.   However, you need to provide notice to your Employer within fourteen (14) days of the accident pursuant to New Mexico statute.   If you are injured on the job and the Employer or its Insurer has not filed your worker’s compensation claim after proper notice or if the Insurer has denied you either medical or indemnity (loss of wages) benefits then contact our law firm for a free consultation.  We will assist you with the entire process and help to restore you to a position where you can hopefully return to work.    If you are disabled and cannot return to the same job we will assist you in obtaining the maximum benefits you are entitled to by law.

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Criminal Defense Cases (A-Z , including Drug, DWI and Domestic Violence charges):

Being charged with a criminal offense of any kind can be very stressful and may involve serious consequences, including prison or jail time, the loss of Driver’s License and way of life, if a person is convicted. If you are charged with a crime of any kind, in City, State or Federal Court, finding an experienced criminal defense lawyer will most certainly improve your chances of defending your rights and achieving a successful outcome in your case. Sapien Law LLC has attorneys with a combined experience of over 25 years in criminal defense matters. If you have been accused of a crime, or you think you might get charged with a crime, it is critical to contact a competent criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Sapien Law LLC will conduct its own investigation in any criminal case and can assist our clients in employing the best investigators and experts and using other resources available to our firm to ensure the best possible outcome for our criminal defense clients.

Sapien Law LLC has successfully represented clients charged with Felonies and Misdemeanors of any kind in all local and state courts throughout the state of New Mexico as well as in the United States District Court (Federal District of New Mexico) and on appeal to the Tenth (10th) Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, Colorado. Our firm have been involved in over 100 Felony Jury trials in State and Federal Court and literally thousands of bench trials and other court proceedings over the past 20+ years. These trials and other court proceedings involved crimes against clients ranging from First (1st) Degree Murder to Petty Larceny, including hundreds of Assault, Battery, DWI, Drug, Domestic Violence, Robbery, White Collar Crimes, you name it, Sapien Law has the experience to represent you no matter what type of charges you may be facing. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss your situation and how best to resolve your criminal case.

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Wrongful Death:

No one wants to have to deal with the death of a loved one. However, if you find yourself in that situation and you believe it is due to the fault of someone else, such as a doctor, surgeon, drunk driver, employer, faulty equipment or some other reason, Sapien Law is here to help assist you to determine if you may have a case to pursue on behalf of your deceased loved one. These cases can be very complex and involve the need to employ experts to help prove your case. Sapien Law works with many of the top experts in various fields such as medicine, accident reconstruction, causation experts. We will sue hospitals, doctors, medical practice groups and other service providers who have dangerous systems that put your loved ones’ lives at risk. Contact us for an initial consultation if you believe your loved one’s death was the fault of someone else.

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Immigration Advocacy:

Immigration law is one of the most complex and daunting areas of the law in the United States Justice System. Individuals from other countries, who often don’t speak English, are expected to understand the complexities of the Immigration laws, regulations and process which often include important deadlines that are not to be missed. Pending Immigration Reform will hopefully help streamline the process and make it less of a complicated process. Regardless, Sapien Law LLC can assist you and your loved ones with all aspects of the immigration process, including Naturalization, Change of status, Employer Labor Certification, DACA cases and many other immigration needs. Contact us now to see how we can assist you.